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Ariadne Smith

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Inferred from the Movie:




Ariadne is unquestionably a risk taker. Her first introduction to Cobb revealed to her that what he wanted her to do was not "strictly legal", and she still performed his maze tasks. When she finds out Cobb is crazy, she still returns to learn more about dreamshare, and when an opportunity arises for her to go into the field, she takes it. She also goes into limbo without hesitating.




Ariadne is an architecture student in France with a North American accent. This may suggest that she's studying abroad, however, it seems more likely that she is from an international family where she attended international schools (which typically teach American accents) on account of her Greek name, and her ability to take Doctoral classes in French.




Ariadne is likely a very skilled architect and nothing else. Her disregard, and inability to read people's actions make her a poor candidate for extraction, and likely not well suited for Forgery. However, she may make a good point man, as she does possess the ability to improvise, and create plans quickly,  which is illustrated when she dropped into Limbo to save Fischer.




Arthur Darling


It seems that throughout the film that Arthur does Ariadne's training, which makes her his protege of a sort. It is evident that she trusts him the most of all the team members, and unthinkingly acquiesces to Arthur's request for a kiss, obviously thinking that Arthur knew enough about projections that it may work.


She does not possess attraction for him, though the opposite seems true.


Dominick Cobb


Ariadne's relationship with Cobb starts out complicated from the very beginning, where she is given a glimpse of how unstable he really is. Despite this, she keeps returning in order to figure him out more, and understand all the answers that are hidden deep in her subconscious, even if she is blundering at it.


Cobb's willingness to share with her at some points indicates a tacit understanding that likely only the two understand, as he does not share anything with even his close colleagues.


Head Canon




Ariadne is an unusual name, and is derived from a Greek deity of mazes. Symbolically, the name makes sense, as she proves to be a genius at labyrinth-like architecture. However, the name is unheard of in common society, which suggests Hippy parentage. It is possible that she is Greek, or that her parents chose the original name "Ariadne" from which popular names "Ariane", and "Ariadna" are derived.


After Inception


As Arthur trained her, Ariadne becomes Arthur's protege and architect.



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