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Samuel Eames

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Inferred from Film:




Eames is self-assured, and seems unrepentantly mischievous. He does take his job, though, very seriously though doesn't seem to get upset over failure.


His composure, throughout Inception never falters once, which means that not only is he laid-back, but confident enough in his abilities that set-backs don't concern him.


He is seen to fidget frequently in the film, usually with poker chips, indicating that he has a hard time sitting still and constantly needs to be doing something.




Only hints of his history are given in the movie. From his accent, it can be surmised that he's British, and relatively posh.  Though, seeing as he is a forger, it may be very likely that this isn't his real accent.


We know that he and Arthur have either worked or worked against one another, and that he trusts Cobb.


He is likely bored easily, as his joining the Inception teams seems to be derived from apparent boredom. This is more evident in the script, where a deleted scene suggests he doesn't turn Cobb into Cobol because Cobb insists Eames will like what he's selling. It's also indicated in the movie in lines that aren't in the script.


Cobb: That price on my head. Is it alive or dead?

Eames: Don't remember.


This suggests that Eames never had any intention of turning Cobb in at all. Whether this from past relationship, or knowing Cobb has the most interesting jobs remains to be seen.




Eames is obviously skilled in his art both in the dreamworld and reality. He's able to forge poker chips-- though his spelling seems to be a bit off- create references, pickpocket and pretend to be different people. He is also a mastermind at reading people.




Dominick Cobb


It can be inferred that Cobb and Eames have a past relationship that involves implicit trust despite what seems like initial dislike for Cobb on Eames' part. He is brusque when they first meet, but still lends his expertise (thought notably warily) without fear that it will be taken and given to another Forger. This suggests a wary trust of one another, despite personality clashes.


Arthur Darling


Whatever relationship Eames has with Arthur, it is clear that is long, varied, and complicated. It it apparent that he has had a past working relationship with Arthur, and is aware of Arthur's strengths and flaws.


His interactions with him suggest a rivalry that only he perceives, as Arthur is never the aggressor in their tiffs. It is also evident that Eames enjoys surprising, arguing, and confronting Arthur.


Ariadne Smith


Eames has very little interaction with Ariadne in the movie.


Though, his addition of a vent system to Ariadne's architecture means that he is a skilled architect himself. He does not seem to trust architects, or think them necessary.


Yusuf al-Hashem


Eames has a relationship with Yusuf, though it doesn't seem to be that professionally intimate. He is unaware of Yusuf's dream den, or even that it is something people invest in. It, therefore, seems that he uses Yusuf as a supplier, and for very little else.


That being said, there is a familiarity between the two of them.


Eames: "Bit too much free champagne before take-off, Yusuf?"

Yusuf: "Haha bloody ha."


In addition, he doesn't seem to be terribly surprised by Yusuf's betrayal, and his ire is directed only at Cobb.




Though it is never explicitly stated, Eames plays with pokerchips throughout the movie. It therefore seems likely that is it, though it isn't totally clear.


Head Canon




Eames' full name is never given, but we know that it most likely a last name. While Eames is sometimes used as a first name, it is incredibly rare.


The name that was chosen for this head cannon is Samuel, which is one of the most popular names from the time period he was likely born, and suggests a middle class upbringing. It nicely bridges the unknown gap of his heritage, from lower class to posh, as it is a popular name in all classes in Britain.




As Forgers mess recreate realities for themselves in dreams, it seems that a constant contact with a totem is how they maintain a snese of self, even in reality, hence y



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